Welcome to Dan Caston Music

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Welcome to Dan Caston Music.

 This is where you learn to play the music you want to play!!!  Dan's method of teaching is simple.


1.  Teach the style of music the student wants to learn:  Classic Rock, Pop, Metal, Blue grass, Gospel, or Modern Christian.

2.  Encourage the love of music by offering the student one or more instruments on which they can enjoy their musical journey.  ( Piano, Organ, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Drums )  Some students enjoy their lessons on several different instruments before deciding on their instrument of choice.

3.  Help the student to be comfortable playing the instruments with and without musical notation.  In addition to reading music Dan encourages creativity, improvising, and "feeling the music".

4.  Make the lesson FUN as well as well as informative.  Season the lesson with music theory but "Jam" and have fun while learning.

5.  Offer the student more!!  High quality recording of their performance song writing guidance for the composer students.  Help with live presentation and recording studio advice.


Call Dan today @ 864-680-2116